Blue Tungsten Oxide Application

blue tungsten oxide picture

Blue Tungsten Oxide Application

1.Used to prepare tungsten powder. It is important intermediate material to produce tungsten products. Tungsten powder produced by blue tungsten oxide has uniform grain size distribution, grain size component is easier to control.

2.Blue tungsten oxide is transition metal oxide semiconductor material, it has special physical and chemical property such as electrochromic, gasochromic and photochromic, widely applied in smart window, photosensitive sensor and gas sensor.

3.Used as coloring agent as ceramic. Coloring agent for ceramic decoration mainly use inorganic oxide. Blue color of blue tungsten oxide is used as the decoration of ceramic.

4.Used as antifouling of board fireproofing. Nano blue tungsten oxide will form a super hydrophobic layer. Inorganic dust in the air has polarity, it will not be absorbed on the hydrophobic layer, easily be flushed by rain. Even if there is organic material being absorbed on the anti fire board, photocatalytic activity of nano tungsten oxide can help inorganic material decomposed to CO2, H2O, H2SO4, HNO3, etc..