Blue Tungsten Oxide SEM Micrograph

BTO SEM 1kx 50um scale

Blue tungsten oxide is a kind of deep blue compounds containing tungsten(Ⅵ) and tungsten(V). Blue tungsten oxide in industry means a mixture of WO2.72, WO2.90, W20O58 and (NH4)х•WO3. Among of them, (NH4)х•WO3 is ammonium metatungstate(ATB), a non stoichiometric compound. Blue tungsten oxide, which is mainly based on ATB and WO2.90, is not only a good raw material for the production of tungsten materials, but also for tungsten heavy alloy and other tungsten products.

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a kind of scanning equipment used for micrograph by multiplying objects, which can be metal, powder, etc. From the following SEM micrographs, different phase components of blue tungsten oxide have different SEM micrographs.