Blue Tungsten Oxide Producing Tungsten Powder

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One of the main applications of blue tungsten oxide is producing tungsten powder. Industrial blue tungsten oxide is powder complex with different tungsten compounds includes ammonia tungsten bronze, hydrogen tungsten bronze, tungsten trioxide, etc.. Its appearance changes with oxygen index from violet to yellow. Blue tungsten oxide producing tungsten powder is easy to control its grain size and size composition, it can be doped with other element. Blue tungsten oxide is gradually take replace of tungstic acid and tungsten trioxide as important intermediate compound for producing tungsten powder.

Medium grain tungsten powder (1.5~8.0um) usually need two stage reduction method, the first stage reduction raw material usually use ammonium paratungstate, blue tungsten oxide, tungsten trioxide and ammonium metatungstate. By one step hydrogen reduction to produce tungsten dioxide, rotary tube furnace, multi-tube furnace, four-tube muffle furnace are usually used.

Producing doping and alloy tungsten powder, the main raw materials are ammonium paratungstate, blue tungsten oxide, tungsten trioxide and tungsten dioxide. Doping tungsten powder usually use blue tungsten oxide. Due to the large vacancy, crack and high activity of blue tungsten oxide, it is suitable for producing tungsten powder.