Blue Tungsten Oxide Lubricant

BTO picture

Blue tungsten oxide lubricant (BTO) is not to say that the blue tungsten oxide itself has lubricating property, but through the preparation of tungsten disulfide (WS2) and to be applied in the lubricant field. Blue tungsten oxide is an important raw material of tungsten products, mainly used for the production of ultrafine tungsten powder and tungsten carbide, and also used in the production of doping tungsten powder, tungsten bars, rods and wires, also tungsten base high density alloy.

Tungsten disulfide (WS2), the gray layered fine crystal or powder with metallic luster, it has two different crystal forms respectively of α- WS2 and β- WS2. Wherein, α- WS2 is the orthorhombic crystals, while β- WS2 is the hexagonal crystal. The unique physical and chemical property of tungsten disulfide decides it to be the best dry film of lubricants, and the best way to solve the surface wearing issues, such as mixed with the volatile solvent, spray coating on metal surface and to improve mould life and roughness of workpiece.