Blue Tungsten Oxide Introduction

Blue Tungsten Oxide Image


Chinese name: 蓝色氧化钨
Chinese alias: 蓝钨,钨蓝,兰钨
English name: Blue Tungsten Oxide
English nickname: Tungsten Blue
Hereinafter referred to as: BTO or TBO
Chemical formula: WO2.9
Molecular formula: W20O58
Molecular weight: 230.24
Appearance: dark blue powder
CAS NO. : 1314-35-8
Commodity code: 2825901910

Blue tungsten oxide, also known as BTO, its chemical composition is WO2.88~WO2.92, a kind of dark blue tungsten oxide powder, refers to a class of dark blue compound which contains tungsten (Ⅵ) and tungsten (V) mixed valence, usually formed in solution. Blue tungsten oxide is the excellent raw material for manufacturing tungsten material, such as tungsten bars, wire, blocks and grains, as well as tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, alloy and other tungsten products.

Preparation Method of Blue Tungsten Oxide

Pyrogenic process and wet method are two class preparation methods of blue tungsten oxide.
1. Pyrogenic process is the industrial generic methods, which generally takes ammonium paratungstate (APT) as raw material, made by thermal decomposition or hydrogen mild reduction, also the hydrogen mild reduction of tungsten trioxide (WO3) can get blue tungsten oxide. Industrial production of doped blue tungsten oxide is usually generated in four tubes or eleven tube furnace by hydrogen mild reducing APT.
2. The wet method is a new method of research and development in recent years. By hydrogen reduction of ammonium tungstate solution can obtain blue tungsten oxide with component of 3.5(NH4)2O•5WO2•13WO3•4.5H2O; By hydrogen reduction of tungsten solvent extraction of tungsten organic phase can also get blue tungsten oxide of O:W equals to 2.82; and the internal reduction method will get blue tungsten oxide with mainly phase of WO2.90.

Usage of Blue Tungsten Oxide

1. Manufacture of downstream tungsten products, such as tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, tungsten rods, wire and grains, hard alloy, etc.;
2. Preparation of tungsten and tungstate, etc., which can be used in X-ray shielding or fire retardant fabric;
3. Used as well ceramic pigments, colorants; 4. New thermal insulation material to absorb a greater proportion of solar radiation, because it can absorb blue light;
5. Used as an oxygen getter device in vacuum electronic devices.

Stability and Storage of Blue Tungsten Oxide

Blue tungsten oxide can be stable under normal temperature and pressure, but it must be stored in a tightly closed container, and placed in a cool, dry, well ventilated environment.