Blue Tungsten Oxide Dynamic Seal Rotary Furnace

Blue tungsten oxide dynamic seal rotary furnace is the latest generation of powder metallurgy equipment, which is suitable for calcining, reducing and melting high melting point non-ferrous metal compounds into oxides (tungsten oxide, molybdenum oxide, etc.), especially for the production of excellent blue tungsten and purple tungsten, which is an environment-friendly and energy-saving rotary furnace. This type of rotary furnace adopts the original double dynamic sealing technology, which is an excellent supporting equipment for producing ultrafine grain tungsten powder and ultrafine tungsten carbide powder with purple tungsten. Its main characteristics are:

(1) The new dynamic sealing device does not leak under the pressure of - 2kpa - 15kpa at various temperatures and speeds, and the service life of the sealing element is more than 15000 hours.

(2) Use small air volume and poor quality to prevent material loss caused by excessive pumping force, so that the powder recovery rate can reach more than 99.5%.

(3) Low operation cost, safe and stable. APT can be used to produce excellent blue tungsten oxide without ammonia; Hydrogen can be used to produce 99% single-phase purple tungsten oxide.

(4) The new slide rail drive can ensure that the furnace tube can expand and contract freely, and the drive is stable. At the same time, it is equipped with a support protection in the middle of the furnace tube. The manual coil furnace tube device can prevent the furnace tube from deformation and prolong the service life of the furnace tube.

(5) The improved conical discharge silo is equipped with a mixing and cleaning device, which makes the materials smooth, avoids material agglomeration, and ensures stable product quality. In terms of energy saving, it has obvious effects, featuring low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, and good thermal insulation performance. The temperature rise of the furnace body surface (except at both ends) is ≤ 35 ℃.

Blue Tungsten Oxide Dynamic Seal Rotary Furnace Photo