Blue Tungsten Oxide Calcination

blue tungsten oxide picture

The quality of tungsten alloy depends on the phase morphology, size and uniformity of tungsten powder. Traditional hydrogen reduction WO3 method is very difficult to achieve the anticipate anticipating result. One of the most important methods in the current study is the hydrogen reduction method with blue tungsten.

The process of preparing blue tungsten oxide by using ammonium bromide as raw material in hydrogen atmosphere is as follows:
Ammonium bromide is placed in the high temperature zone of quartz glass tube. Control temperature, hydrogen flow rate and constant temperature time to produce blue tungsten oxide.
1.Controlling temperature under 400-500℃, baking time for 30-40 minutes, hydrogen flow rate of 1.5 L/min, can get more cracks, better uniformity of blue tungsten oxide.
2. The main parameter affecting the performance of blue tungsten is the reduction temperature. The blue tungsten with more cracks and better uniformity can be obtained at 40 ℃.
3. Blue tungsten oxide without six crystal properties has particle morphology of loose crack formation depth, and litter? particle size than APT. There are a large number of cracks and star shaped holes on the surface of the blue tungsten, and the particle size uniformity is better.