What Is Blue Tungsten Oxide

BTO photo

What is blue tungsten oxide? It is one of the most important high purity intermediate products used in the manufacture of metal tungsten powder. It’s a kind of finely divided blue-violet crystalline powder.

Chinese name: 蓝色氧化钨
English name: Blue Tungsten Oxide
Abbreviation: BTO
Molecular Formula: WO2.9
Molecular Weight: 230.24
CB No. : CB31162678
CAS No.: 1314-35-8
HS Code: 2825901910
Relative Density(water=1): 7.16
Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in alkali, slightly soluble in acid.
Boiling point (℃) : 1473
Melting point (℃) : 1837
Main uses: used in the preparation of tungsten and tungsten products.