Blue Tungsten Oxide Molecular Structure

tungsten oxide structure image

Blue tungsten oxide (BTO) is one of the most important high purity intermediate products used in the manufacture of metal tungsten powder. Chemical composition, physical structure and uniformity are used to describe the blue tungsten oxide, but it is not a clear composed substance. The chemical and physical properties are changed with the conditions of production and the equipment used. BTO usually consists of six prismatic crystal ammonium tungsten bronze, four prismatic crystal tetragonal tungsten bronze, six prismatic crystal tetragonal tungsten bronze, tungsten trioxide (WO3), beta tungsten oxide (WO2.9), gamma tungsten oxide (WO2.72), and there may be a small amount of alpha or beta tungsten. Due to the complex composition, the molecular structure of blue tungsten oxide is not clear.

In general, blue tungsten oxide is not a certain compound. It doesn’t have a certain molecular weight and molecular structure, and its chemical properties and physical properties used to change with the production conditions and the different types of equipment.