High Purity Blue Tungsten Oxide

high purity BTO picture

High purity blue tungsten oxide is the purity of product over or higher than 99.99%, while according to the blue tungsten oxide product standards, its purity is 99.95%, among them the content of tungsten should reach 80.00% ~ 80.80%. With the constant rise of high and new technology, tungsten product quality is becoming more and more attention. According to the tungsten products on the performance of genetic, high purity of blue tungsten oxide will directly contribute to the high purity requirements of downstream products.

The industrial blue tungsten oxide compounds mainly consist of several tungsten oxides of WO2.9, WO3 and WO2.72, the proportion of various components mainly depended on temperature, atmosphere, and speed of APT calcining or reduction. In theory, the high purity blue tungsten oxide is theβ- tungsten oxide with a very high purity, of which the measured density is 19.0~19.1 g/cm3, X-ray measuring density of 18.94 g/cm3.