Blue Tungsten Oxide Price Affecting Factor

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Under the conditions of depressed manufacturing industry, tungsten market also enters normalization ordinary, while tungsten raw material capacity stays in the constant high level. Along with the rise of tungsten waste utilization, end market lowers its dependency on tungsten raw material, such as blue tungsten oxide and yellow tungsten oxide; Combined with the mainstream of large mining cost is high, tungsten products market stays in irreconcilable contradictions, and tungsten market price fluctuations in 15 years.

Affecting factors of blue tungsten oxide price are largely based on the following:
1. Tungsten raw material producing capacity is relatively at high level, supply of tungsten concentrate and APT overdue actually demanding which results in the unbalance of supply-demand relationship, it affects tungsten raw material price directly;
2. Tungsten mine cost directly affects price, heavy mining based on state-owned enterprise has high cost; medium and small mine is of lower cost. So tungsten concentrate of low price is sometimes active in the market;
3. The enterprise properties of tungsten mines have some influence on BTO prices, and state-owned enterprises controlled large amounts of BTO products which also forms price protection;
4. The production of tungsten concentrate relatively concentrated, forming a certain price monopoly situation;
5. Time is also a certain influence on BTO price fluctuations, in a year, tungsten market will go through the spring supply and summer break, after spring festival, there is once confused of market, most tungsten raw material companies are reluctant to sell and hold on to see the trend of market. It results in the market’s short supply and increases of price. Summer break is often in July and August, most European countries takes summer break and stops production. The demanding is rare during this period;
6. The official association for BTO market influence, when the market changes also in active maintenance market, safeguard the interests of the members;
7. The SRB purchase behavior also directly affects the price;
8. Pan Asia metal exchange has a large number of business acquisitions APT since the beginning of 2014;
9. Trade practices of tungsten concentrate market.

In addition to the above factors, there are also including a series of blue tungsten oxide price affecting factors, such as large enterprises procurement and sales price, environmental protection policy guidance, resource tax reform, main production regional weather and stop production of mainstream big companies.