Blue Tungsten Oxide Furnace

Blue tungsten oxide furnace is a kind of process equipment for preparing blue tungsten oxide from ammonium paratungstate, which is mainly composed of furnace body, furnace tube, masonry, feeding screw device, discharging screw device, furnace head, furnace tail sealing device, front and rear supporting wheel device, vibrator, furnace tube transmission device, furnace head, furnace tail, feeding and discharging hopper, etc. Wherein, the furnace tube is installed on the support obliquely by the supporting wheel, driven by the variable frequency speed regulating motor through the chain wheel chain, the furnace charge (APT) is sent to the furnace tube at the furnace head by the feeding screw, the furnace charge turns evenly with the rotation of the furnace tube, flows automatically to the furnace tail, and flows to the discharge device at the furnace tail; At the same time, ammonia flows from the furnace tail to the furnace head against the flow direction of the furnace charge.

Blue Tungsten Oxide Furnace Specification Photo

Blue Tungsten Oxide Furnace Photo