Blue Tungsten Oxide Semiconductor

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Blue tungsten oxide semiconductor embodies its excellent optical, electrical properties and stable semiconductor performance, because tungsten oxide (WO3) always has different levels of oxygen, which contains a certain amount of oxygen vacancy, and usually expressed as WO3-x, when the value of 3-x equals to 2.9, namely W20O58, which can absorb blue wavelengths (550nm) in the sunlight. Recently, tungsten oxide has been widely used in the photocatalytic degradation of water to generate hydrogen, photocatalyst, energy storage materials, absorbing materials and photochromic, and gas sensors.

Study has prepared a kind of tungsten oxide semiconductor battery, with raw material of blue tungsten oxide, adding conductive agent, activator, additives and organic polymer film former to obtain tungsten oxide semiconductor battery slurry, and in different work function of the two kinds of metal foil as the positive and negative electrodes pasted in the same horizontal plane, and then inject tungsten oxide semiconductor battery slurry onto electrode surface, after drying, encapsulation to generate tungsten oxide semiconductor battery. This kind of tungsten oxide semiconductor battery has semiconductor chemical, photoelectric and thermoelectric and other properties, which is to say it can produce electronic transport between two electrodes, and the battery current will increased significantly under the sun, furthermore, the current increases with temperature rise in a certain temperature range (5-100℃).